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Fáilte go dtí Neotemi.

Gabhaimíd ár mbuíochas don dream go léir atá páirteach linn sa gnó seo agus go marmhór don buíonn i Molise san Iodáil atá i mbun oibre linn.




The New Network of Thematic Museums and  Institutes to disseminate our common European Cultural Heritage.

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Ordinary People

There is no such thing as an Ordinary person. Everybody is Extraordinary. Our aim is to display and highlight the extraordinary sophisticated level of skills and craftsmanship in the areas of Art, Architecture and Design which existed through the ages in Ireland. From the present perspective we can admire and salute the aesthetic. The reality was very often to ensure survival.

 Many examples of these skills are to be found to this day, preserved in the countryside and in the fields, on land and on sea. Hence the choice of the Stone Fort at Cahergeal in Caherciveen as the Irish Pavilion.  It has all of the  characteristics of a museum. Living Museums abound here too. They all reflect attitudes and qualities in the inhabitants who have responded with openness and creativity in integrating and absorbing New ideas, trends and styles through centuries when the hardships can only be imagined.





Universita degli Studi del Molise

Project coordinator 

The partnership is made up of 10 countries and 13 Institutions comprising of people representing Museums, Teacher-training and Research centres, Universities Colleges and schools.   There are also a large number of Associated members who have already worked with us and are keen to be involved in this project.

Aims :-  to create a Virtual Museum where the contributions of the ten participating countries are organised within wide thematic areas all relating to cultural heritage and called Thematic Pavilions. It is accessible via the Internet and will encourage young people to closely examine, protect and value their own and other peoples culture. A special section within each pavilion is the Virtual Library where all Socrates projects already finished or underway can be disseminated to a wider audience. Comenius projects generate an enormous amount of material invaluable to students and educators. The Webrary in each pavilion is an invitation to document, preserve and act as an E- resource centre to future Comenius participants.

This Website has been devised and realised by Tom Gallivan a graduate of the Crawford Municipal College of Art, Cork. He is a teacher of Art Craft Design in the Killorglin Community College, in Co. Kerry.

This web site should be of particular interest to Primary and Secondary level students who are studying the Art and Crafts of Ireland. The information contained in this site is NOT intended to be exhaustive but  serves as an introduction. Contributions to the subject matter is and will be ongoing for the duration of the project and already Thematic links have been identified by the other partners.


Webmaster:- Tom Gallivan

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