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The Celts arrived in Ireland just before the Birth of Christ, i.e. the MIDDLE of the Iron Age. The La Téne Celts, (from a site in Switzerland), ORIGINATED on the MEDITERRANEAN coast of Europe, and from there COLONISED a VAST area of lands, from Africa to Scotland, and beyond. Their "ART" / DECORATION consisted of a highly DECORATIVE, NON REPRESENTATIONAL, and ABSTRACT series of SYMMETRICAL designs, which display their " HORROR VACUII ", ( fear of EMPTY SPACES ).

( forhistorie ) Danmark    The Gold Hoard found in BRÓIGHTER, Co. Derry, is similar in DESIGN to those of the BRONZE AGE, except for their DECORATION , e.g. the BRÓIGHTER Collar.

This Gold HOARD consists of a number of Gold objects including a  Gold RAISED BOWL BOAT with oars and  Mast, 4 Gold TWISTED necklaces, and the Bróighter COLLAR itself. The Collar was made from three pieces, i.e. The TUBULAR Gold collar with its REPOUSSED / RAISED, La Téne style of decoration of CURVILINEAR designs. These are SYMMETRICAL, ( i.e. if divided in half, looks exactly the same i.e. MIRROR IMAGE ). The two pieces which act as a FASTENER / LOCK are RIVETED to the COLLAR, and when closed hold the collar around the wearers neck. The CIRCUMFERENCE of the outer LOCK face is decorated with small GLOBULES of Gold, ( a double row ), set into a middle recessed BAND.

NOTE - ( The same style of decoration on this COLLAR will be seen on many of the La Téne / CELTIC / IRON AGE works, and consists of, a RAISED WHORL with VINE LIKE, CURVILINEAR, RAISED LINES, SPIRALLING from this CENTRE ). So having seen one YOU should be able to EXPLAIN them ALL.

The BOAT is a REPRESENTS  a VESSEL which would have been in use all around the CELTIC world, during this time,( ie. 500bc. / 500ad. ). It was probably built in the CURRACH style, ( a timber lattice covered with ANIMAL skins, and water proofed with animal fat / lard ), still found in Ireland and Wales, ( CORACLE ), today. This Representation of a boat was BEATEN  into shape from a flat piece of Gold. The seating for the OARSMEN, ( 16 in all, i.e. two to each seat ) shows us that these CRAFT were very substantial even for 3,000 yrs. ago. With the  MAST added , they would have been able to travel LONG distances, and in all types of weather, ( even to the U.S.? ).